Having a break isn’t something I often do.  As a mum of two year old twins who is juggling raising toddlers with running a business, it often feels like I don’t have time to breath, let alone sit down for 5 minutes.  But over the last month I’ve been feeling like I was heading for a brick wall.  Something was telling me to take a break.
So with a little bit of nagging I persuaded my husband to take the 3 days off after the Jubilee bank holidays.  And I had a break.


Now this wasn’t a break like the ones I used to have pre babies.  There were no long lie ins, no afternoons lounging around reading a book, no drunken nights out, no spa days.  But I only did a little bit of work here and there to deal with urgent queries, I spent several evenings watching TV and one evening playing on the wii, which I haven’t done since well before the girls were born, I got some of my long term mental nag list done, and I even did some baking (Jubilee cupcakes and a Union Jack pavlova – please admire).
And I can really feel the benefits.  I don’t feel quite as desperate in the mornings (alas I am not a morning person), I can feel my energy coming back, and I’m overflowing with regained enthusiasm for all my business plans.  Watch out world, I’m back.