Your proposal has been sitting in your inbox for a few days now, but something’s holding you back from actually signing it. 

Starting work with a new accountant is a big decision. We want you to be 100% confident (and excited!) when you hit that big “Approve My Proposal” button, but it’s also completely normal to have some hesitation. Whether it’s confusion about something in your actual proposal or worries about what your old accountant might think, we’re here to help with any questions or concerns you might have. 

The most common reasons we see business owners hesitate to sign their proposal are: 


You don’t understand something in your proposal

We do our best to make our proposals as detailed, informative and clear as possible for you. But, at the end of the day, accountancy is complex. There are going to be concepts you’re unfamiliar with, language you’ve maybe never heard before, and things you need some clarity on. 

If there’s something you’d like to learn more about or have further explained from your proposal, just ask! There are no silly questions here. We’re more than happy to talk through anything you need so you can make the decision to sign with total confidence. 


You’re worried you’re making the wrong decision

We’ve all sat at a restaurant with a massive menu in front of us and struggled to pick what we’ll have for dinner that night. Pasta? Salad? A burger? At that moment, choosing what you’ll order feels like the hardest decision in the world, and that’s just for one meal! 

It’s no wonder you’re feeling some hesitation when it comes to signing up with a new accountant. After all, this is a much bigger decision than what you’ll have for dinner. If all goes well, this is a relationship we’ll be cultivating for many years to come as you grow your dream business (and life!). 

If you still need a little assurance you’re making the right choice by signing on with Starfish, we recommend looking more into who we are: our values, our mission and our approach to supporting your journey. We also have a who we are blog category where you can read more about our recent rebrand, the clients we love to work with – and who we don’t, and more!

 If we seem like a good fit, with similar values and beliefs as you, then chances are we’ll have a great working relationship! 

If what we say just isn’t resonating with you, that’s okay. We can’t be all things to all people, and we don’t expect to be either – what makes us a perfect fit for one business owner could make us the wrong fit for another. If Starfish just isn’t clicking with you, we recommend talking to some other accountants and seeing who might work better for your business. 


You’re not sure when the right time to sign up is

You understand everything in your proposal. You know Starfish is the team you want behind you on your business journey. But is now the right time to make the switch? 

There’s not really a one size fits all “right time” to switch to a new accountant. Our recommendations may vary depending on your industry, upcoming plans or approaching deadlines. Because of this, if you’re really doubting if now’s the “right time” to sign your proposal, we’d love to have a discussion with you to talk through the pros and cons of moving over to Starfish at different points so we find the best solution for you. 

Usually, the best time to make this transition is either:

  • At the start of your financial year 
  • At the start of a new VAT quarter 


This way, there’s a very clear division between what we’re responsible for and what your previous accountant still needs to finish. 

Transitioning mid financial year or VAT quarter can cause some confusion over who needs to handle what. It’s not impossible, but it does add some extra steps. However, part of our service to you is liaising with your previous accountant to overcome this challenge and make sure nothing slips through the crack while we make the transition. 


You feel bad about stopping work with your old accountant

Whether you’ve been working with your accountant for six months or six years, you may be feeling some guilt about moving on from them. You’re nervous about what they might think when they get the news you’ve decided to work with someone new, or they might take this decision personally. 

Loyalty is an admirable quality, but it’s important to ask yourself: is this misplaced loyalty? After all, there’s a reason you’ve even begun the process of looking for a new accountant. You deserve to put you and your business first, and the wrong kind of support could be setting you back when you want to be pushed forward. 

The good news is, every accountant in the business has had clients move on or switch to a better fit. There’s a way to make this transition as kindly and professionally as possible. You don’t need to feel guilty for doing what’s right for you. 


You’re confused about what happens next

Surprises aren’t your thing. Before you take this step of signing your proposal, you want to know exactly what’s coming next. We’ve got you covered. 

Once you sign your proposal, you’ll have access to our entire onboarding hub where we walk you through important first steps and the next six months of our partnership. From setting up new systems to tech training and discovering quick wins that make big differences in your business, this process is designed to set you up for success. 

While our onboarding hub is only available to clients, we have several blogs that explain our tried and tested processes so you can know exactly what’s coming next before you sign your proposal: 

You’ve decided to work with us – what next? 

You’ve signed up as a client, but what happens now? 

Throughout this onboarding process, we promise to be as transparent, communicative and helpful as possible so our relationship is set for success from day one. If there’s anything about these next steps you’d like more clarity on, or something else is holding you back from signing your proposal, get in touch. We’re here to help.