When you take a look around the place, you’ll notice the starfish decor looking a little different. 

We’ve been through a rebrand process, complete with a new logo that speaks our values at Starfish. Since it was largely inspired by the people we do business with, we wanted to share the story behind this change. 

We help businesses every day to grow, and encourage them to look forward rather than running their business via the rear view mirror. But we’re growing too! We realised it was time we stopped to assess how much we’ve grown as a firm, and make the necessary changes to reflect our growth.

A rebrand is a tribute to the clients we click with

It isn’t all about us. We’ve done some reflective work to make sure the values we hold to as a firm are represented well on our website.

Our new logo is a tribute to our values as a firm, and to the ambitious business owner we really click with. It was your journey that inspired the redesign. 

Starfish image

The accounting team are a positive bunch, and so are our clients. 

We’re not stuffy or secretive. We take ownership and do our best to provide clarity for our clients. And we know you’re the same. You’re friendly and enthusiastic. You’re interested in learning and driven to achieve more. 

The path

The path to success isn’t always straight. But we help you unravel the challenges and follow a clear plan. 

We would never pretend the path is always straight. If business was so easy, everyone would do it, right? 

But your path will be a heck of a lot more stressful without a solid plan. When you don’t know your key financial data, your business ends up running you. We don’t want that for you – we want you to understand the role finance plays in your business.

The squiggly line begins to unravel when you have:

The Data

  • Breathe. Step back, and let Xero run the finances.
  • Get up to date and accurate financial information. You’ll always know your financial position, and we can help you make quick wins by correcting past wrongs and making sure you’re not missing out on claimable expenses.
  • Use your numbers to find ways to be more efficient. Improve your cash flow, get paid faster, improve productivity, save yourself more time. 

A sounding board for your challenges

  • Somebody you can talk to who is independent from the business and has NO bias.
  • Support when things get challenging. 
  • An ambitious team you can bounce ideas around with (we’re genuinely interested in your business!)

The Starfish path

We’re in this together. We’ll take care of you and get to the heart of every challenge.

There are no silly questions here. We’re business owners too, and we’re standing shoulder to shoulder with you.


We’re all about those incremental changes 

Original logo

Starfish Accounting logo

We’re always looking for ways to make marginal gains in our client’s businesses. And we don’t rush to change everything at an unsustainable rate because it would overwhelm you as a business owner, and lead to more challenges. 

We approached our rebrand in the same way. You’ll notice the new logo isn’t worlds apart from the original. We’ve made small powerful changes to adapt and evolve. 

We’re still the same bunch, and we’re still serving our clients in the same way – helping them do better business. We’ve just defined what that process looks like.

Here’s how we help you make incremental changes in your business:

  1. Get excited Ignite the fire in your belly for your business. we meet to talk big picture and create an action plan. Enrol via our Get Started page. 
  2. Use XeroBreathe. Step back, and let Xero run the finances. Migrate or convert you to Xero. Empower you with Xero training
  3. Increase salesGet a constant flow of sales to grow your profit. Book a business development meeting to review pricing. Introduce apps to help you run a more efficient business. Show how to use your financial reports to make decisions.
  4. Nail the foundationsWe’ll take care of all the fundamental groundwork. Regular bookkeeping so you know your numbers. Your tax obligations covered. Constant improvements to systems and workflows. 
  5. Grow your tribe – Take the next big step in your business. We’ll take payroll off your hands. Submit employee expenses and benefits to HMRC. Support you with any HR enquiries that might arise. 


Want to see if we click?

This process has got us really fired up for our firm! We’d love to help you get excited about your business again. You can find out more about what it’s really like when you become a client here. But you’re looking for support to unravel your challenges right now – we’re here for a virtual coffee and a catch up.