At Starfish, we’re all about Xero. We aren’t paid to say that; we genuinely love it. The cloud-based accounting software is designed for SMEs, and integrating it into your business will set you up for success. We specialise in it for a number of reasons to give our clients the best support for their business.


Xero is made for small businesses.

There are a lot of different accounting software packages out there, but none are as laser-focused on small businesses as Xero. While other platforms have various products for different sizes of business, Xero has one product with one purpose: helping SMEs manage their finances. Its concentration on small businesses means it’s been created with growth in mind, equipped with tools to grow with you as you expand.


We genuinely think it’s the best software out there.

Xero really cares about the user experience. It’s easy to use whether it’s your first or one-hundredth time, and they’ve created the software with entrepreneurs in mind. It’s got integrations with systems you might already be using in your business, like Dext. It seamlessly links with lots of other software, including point of sale, payroll, CRM and inventory management, saving goodness-knows-how many hours of manually inputting data. It makes the dreaded tax season a breeze.

The use of cloud-based technology also means you never have to worry about losing your financial data if you change computers. Having your information automatically backed up online means you can access it at any time, from anywhere. We won’t say it eliminates the panic of spilling a cup of tea on your laptop…but it gives you more peace of mind!


Focusing on Xero lets us develop specialist expertise to share with clients.

Giving small businesses the top-quality, detailed support they deserve is what fuels us. We won’t ever do anything half-heartedly, and going all-in on Xero means we can go all-in on the support we give our clients.

Working only with Xero lets us really dig our teeth into the software and find out everything about it. We’ve spent a lot of time with it, and it means we’re Xero specialists. This translates to giving our clients the best guidance we can, as we know all the ins-and-outs of the software they’re using.


Xero believes in the same things we do.

Just as important to us as the software itself are Xero’s values. In the same way we partner with clients who believe in the same stuff as we do, it’s important we feel alignment with the companies we work with.

Xero is one of the best companies to work for in the UK, especially for women. In 2022 they were ranked the second-best large business workplace for women. They take care of their people and want them to thrive, operating well-being programmes and family-friendly policies for their employees. Oh, and they sponsor women’s football which we think is amazing!

They place huge importance on their social and environmental behaviour. Xero doesn’t just talk the talk when it comes to eco-consciousness; they truly walk the walk. Operating in total transparency about the efforts they take to be sustainable, they publish their annual electricity usage…down to the kilowatt-hour! They’re working toward being net-zero by 2050, and are already carbon neutral. We love how upfront they are about the steps they can take to do better. They’re genuine people behind a genuine service.


Let’s explore how Xero will help your business.

If you haven’t guessed by now, Xero really excites us at Starfish. We’ve seen first-hand how a well-oiled Xero set up can transform a small business and make the owner’s life a lot easier. If you’re not yet set up on Xero, let’s chat about how it will support your business.

If you’re already set up on Xero, do you feel 100% confident your accounts are as they should be? Our Xero health check gets a second pair of eyes on your data. We’ll look for areas you can save money and give you peace of mind you’re not overpaying VAT. Find out more here.