Accountants are not exactly famous for being at the cutting edge of new technology.  We are a cautious bunch, not fond of risk taking.  And yet many of us are jumping onto the cloud bandwagon.  We started to use Xero back in 2011 and haven’t looked back.  So – why use online accounting software?

Supposing you are already sold on the concept of accounting software vs. using a spreadsheet, what is it about cloud accounting software that makes it so appealing?Online accounting software

  • You will never have to install an upgrade ever again.  The software doesn’t sit on your computer, so changes and updates all happen behind the scenes;
  • Your accounting data is all backed up for you.  If your computer dies you can simply log in from another computer and carry on;
  • You can access your accounts anywhere, anytime.  If you want to check your business finances while on holiday then you can pop into an internet cafe and do so just as easily as if you were at home or in your office;
  • And the same applies for your accountant.  You can both access your accounting data whenever you need to without the need to exchange data files;
  • Many online accounting packages also enable you to set up automated links with  your business bank accounts and your PayPal account.  The data is pulled in for you, saving you time and almost eliminating errors.

Using online accounting software will become increasingly important as the deadline of Making Tax Digital looms ever closer.  Tempted?  Have a look at how Xero and Starfish Accounting can help your business.