… grass has risDaffodils

OK maybe I’m getting a bit too excited about the first couple of warm days as the weather forecast doesn’t look too good over the weekend, but it is at least starting to feel like spring is on its way.  I’ve got the spring cleaning bug, I’ve even dusted all the shoes that were hiding under the bed and have now found them a better home.

This springtime desire to make everything fresh and new is extending to my work – my office is tidy, my desk is pristine, and my email inbox hasn’t been this clear for about a year.  Now all I have to do is catch up with my backlog and I’ll be a happy bunny!

If you’re having similar feelings then make good use of them.  Get caught up on your invoicing, sort out that huge pile of receipts, get your spreadsheet up to date.  Don’t wait til the next tax return deadline, do it now while its fresh in your mind.  Put yourself into the best possible position to help your business spring forward.  Encourage that grass to grow.

Once you know where you are making money (or losing it) you can plan, and put in place a series of well informed actions to achieve that plan.  If you want help with planning your business then let me know – I’ll be bringing something out this summer to help do just that.