It may surprise you to learn that we don’t have a price list here at Starfish HQ. 

We’d love for you to be able to read this blog and get an instant accurate price that suits your business and the unique challenges you’re facing. Wouldn’t that be lovely? Actually no! It wouldn’t be great for you. Because no two businesses are the same and you don’t want to be paying as much as the business down the street if your needs are completely different.  

What we can show you in this blog is how we arrive at a price for you. We want you to understand how it all works. That way, when you get in touch for a proposal from us, you understand the value you’re getting. 


Delivering a fair price to each and every client depends on their circumstances 

We realise that every client is different, and as such we want our price to reflect the following:

  • How many transactions a company deals with each month;
  • The complexity of the business;
  • The standard of the bookkeeping undertaken by the company.

By taking these factors into account, we believe that we can deliver a fair price to each and every client, which is important to us as a company. We’re transparent with our pricing, and want to make sure each client knows they’re being charged in accordance with their needs, not just a ‘package’ price. 

It’s the same reason we don’t do discounts. Prospective clients sometimes ask whether we can offer them a discount. We don’t offer discounts because we believe each client should pay a consistent amount relative to other clients for the work that we produce.


We use pricing software to calculate the cost collaboratively

We use a pricing software package called GoProposal to support our calculation for every prospective client or piece of prospective work. 

This allows us to ensure we’re taking those three vitally important factors into account (the complexity of the business, level of transactions and whether or not we’ll be doing the bookkeeping) before we even start looking at coming up with a price.  

If we are doing the bookkeeping, you will require more work on a regular basis to ensure your accounts are in good order. This saves us time when it comes to preparing VAT returns, financial statements and tax returns. So our pricing will reflect this.  


The best thing about using software is the ability to play with the price

We heard you all groan when we mentioned no discounts! And we don’t use the software to generate discounts. 

That being said, sometimes when we calculate the cost for all the services that a prospective client thinks they need, we come up with a fee higher than they are willing to pay, or can afford. 

This is where it gets clever – we can help you to really think about what services you can do yourself, and what you feel you really need taken out of your hands and off your shoulders. 

When we take some of the services out of the equation, the price comes down. Most importantly, we do this in real time. You can see in front of you how your fee can alter, meaning we can give clear recommendations on what we think you need, and we can arrive at a price everyone is happy with. We are also able to add on or remove services after you start working with us.

Of course we also understand that we cannot be the right fit for every business out there. Sometimes we talk to people when they aren’t yet ready to work with us. We can recommend other accountants who might be better placed to help.


Trust us to come up with a price that’s right for you

We are a company of like-minded individuals who work with integrity and passion. We believe this is really the most fair and transparent way to provide you the support you need. 

Knowing our clients we know no two companies are the same. If we stuck with the old bronze, silver, gold way of doing things you could be seriously under or overcharged for things you don’t even need. We want to make sure you get only the help you really need, in the priority order you need it. 

So, please don’t lose hope when we can’t come up with a price list. Instead, trust us to come up with a custom price that’s right for you. Get the ball rolling by telling us about your business.