As an accountant working from home I can get excited by balancing accounts and filing tax returns. Every so often I suspect I really ought to get out more..!

This has been one of those rare weeks when that is exactly what I have done. In addition to a couple of client close meetings which I don’t always get to do in person, I have been to one conference, and will be at another one tomorrow. Tomorrow is the Mumpreneur Conference 2012, a great opportunity for me to get to meet up with some existing clients, and hopefully meet some new ones. And Thursday was the first ever Xerocon in the Northern Hemisphere.

Xero Online Accounting SoftwareSo what, I hear you ask, is Xerocon? Its the partner conference for Xero, some fabulous online accounting software, which makes managing your numbers as a small business easier and more efficient – and dare I say more enjoyable. I use it for my own accounts, and also for around a third of my clients. I suspect I will be blogging about Xero and some alternatives rather more over the next few months as online accounting software becomes more and more widespread.

This blog however isn’t about the benefits of online accounting software (of which there are several when you compare to traditional desktop based accounting software) – you’ll have to wait for a future blog for that. Instead I just wanted to share with you the genuine sense of excitement that I got from attending the conference. Lets just say that a roomful of accountants isn’t usually such an inspiring place to be.

I’m hoping that Mumpreneur 2012 will be an equally exciting experience, albeit for different reasons. Here’s to getting out more!