The beautiful thing about getting support from an accounting team is knowing things are taken care of. As a Starfish client, you can depend on us to review and complete your accounts with accuracy, while you focus on developing your business. 

The most effective relationships we have with clients are where we run the day to day bookkeeping in Xero. This means you are able to access up to date information and see at a glance how the business is performing. If you are paying us to do your bookkeeping you are best to leave us to get it done, don’t be tempted to dip in and do some of it yourself.


As your accountant, we work hard to get your Xero account neat and tidy

When we complete a set of accounts, review a VAT return or do your management accounts we take the time to review all the figures making sure:

  • Everything in Xero is posted correctly and sits in the right account categories
  • VAT rates have been checked and are correct
  • We understand what sits in your balance sheet accounts, like your accounts receivable, stock, and accounts payable, and any differences get fixed


Things can get pretty messy if figures are interfered with after the fact. Duplicating sales or expenses or moving things around after we’ve finished the job can mean that you end up with numbers that don’t make any sense. 

Making changes or alterations will change the numbers in your reports, which will have a knock on effect:

  • It could impact on decisions you make based on profits, losses or your cash flow position
  • VAT returns may be filed incorrectly meaning you could pay the wrong amount of VAT
  • When we come to doing year end accounts Xero may no longer match the accounts filed last year, meaning we’ll need to go back to figure out what has been changed, how and why
  • We’ll need to spend more time fixing. Old figures will have to be corrected before we can work on the new ones
  • If we end up having to do more work then that either means extra cost to you, or we have less time to provide you with the actual support you need to run your business effectively.


Most importantly, getting your numbers right is critical to help you make the right decisions

Your figures need to be a true reflection of what’s going on in your business so you can use that data to improve and grow. With accurate numbers, we’re able to advise you so you can make the best decisions for your business. When the data isn’t right, the risk is that your decisions won’t be right either. 


We believe in mutual respect and understanding 

We have a duty to take care of our clients. This requires us to understand our tasks and your needs, as well as you understanding ours. We can do our best work for you if we’re both working to our strengths within agreed time frames. 

Drop us a line if you have any confusion or questions about what you need to provide us or what you’re responsible for when it comes to your accounting. There are no stupid questions here! We’ll help you get the clarity you need.