You need to feel 100% confident in your business’ accounts. As the most popular cloud accounting software in the UK, you were expecting Xero to help you do that, but you’re not seeing all the magic you were promised. Instead of having better data, better processes and better results, you’re feeling frustrated, confused, and uncertain where things went wrong. 

Our Xero health check is designed to give you your confidence back. By getting a second pair of eyes on your data, you can catch errors, spot opportunities and get our recommendations for how you can start experiencing all the magic Xero has to offer. 

You’ll know it’s time for a Xero health check if:  


You don’t feel confident in your accountant

You had high hopes when you first started working with your accountant, but they haven’t delivered on their promises. Now, you’re worried about how much has gone wrong you don’t even know about yet. 

Our client, Phil, had the same exact problem when he started Anonymous Coffee Co in 2018. He started working with an accountant on Xero right away but, after two years, he was sick of dealing with poor communication, huge errors in his accounts and consistently late VAT and tax returns. Instead of making running a business easier, Phil’s accountants were making it more challenging. 

Not all accountants are created equal. You should expect transparent and honest communication, diligent deadline management and regular reviews to keep you accountable to your goals. If you’re not getting that – or anything else you need – then it may be time to move on. 

Phil had a gut feeling that something was wrong with his accounts. A Xero health check confirmed these suspicions and, after working through over a year’s worth of historic data, we were able to identify exactly where Phil’s accountant had gone wrong and what we could do to fix it. The best part is, we can do all of this without alerting your current accountant, so you have both the information and the freedom to make the right decision for you. 


You think you might be missing out on money on your VAT or tax return

You want to keep as much of your hard earned money as possible. And you deserve to! But you’re worried you’re leaving money on the table with every VAT and tax return. 

Phil had the same worry. He knew his accountant was filing his return late, causing him unnecessary fines and penalties. What he didn’t know was that they were also using incorrect VAT rates, reclaiming VAT where there wasn’t any and not reclaiming where they should have been. 

Catching these errors with a Xero health check meant we could correct them before Phil got in serious trouble with HMRC. We were able to claim back all the VAT his previous accountant had missed out on and set up systems that would prevent a similar oversight from happening again. Now, Phil never worries about leaving money on the table! 


You think there’s a better way of doing things, but you don’t know how

Xero is meant to make your life easier, not more difficult. If you find yourself feeling stressed and confused, it’s likely because your systems haven’t been set up properly. 

We find many business owners aren’t getting the most out of Xero because they’re viewing it as a standalone software. In reality, Xero is at the heart of a massive ecosystem of over 1000 apps, all designed to solve specific problems within your business. 

Like you, Phil had read about the magic of Xero. Unfortunately, his old accountant hadn’t set him up properly on the platform, leading to huge holes in his data like with his point of sale software. With his Xero health check, we identified and corrected these mistakes and gave Phil suggestions for exactly which apps would be most helpful to him. 

As Phil put it, “Starfish has taken the worry out of my business finances.” 


Everything feels like a mess

We get it. The confusion. The uncertainty. The fear. It’s enough to keep you up at night, dreading the day when everything crashes down around you. 

Let’s get your confidence back. Our mission at Starfish is to be the support network every small business owner deserves, giving you sustainable steps towards the life you want. With a Xero health check, you’ll finally have the answers to all your questions and concerns. Book yours today