It’s been increasingly obvious to me over the last year that there are a lot of Sole Traders who need some sort of support from an accountant, but aren’t yet at a stage where they can justify expensive accounting fees. Although my Sole Trader packages start at £35 + VAT a month, I know that is a lot for someone to pay if their income is only a few thousand pounds.

I have taken on several clients who have managed to do it themselves for two or three years. Unfortunately it’s not unusual to find that there are errors, from missing tax deductible expenses that could have saved them hundreds of pounds in tax, to more serious problems where an investigation by HM Revenue & Customs would lead to penalties or worse.

eggsI want to be able to support people in that position. I want to make sure that Sole Traders do not end up paying more taxes just because they can’t afford an accountant. I want to help then avoid making expensive mistakes. So we also offer a host of useful information via My Virtual Financial Controller that should achieve just that. And the cost is significantly less than the basic Sole Trader accounting package.

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