I’m not making any New Years Resolutions this year.  I usually do – I take some time out on New Years Eve, sit down with a notebook, look at what I tried to do over the old year, and put some serious thought into what I want to try to achieve in the new year.  This year feels different.

Are you making any resolutions?  Are you determined to lose a few pounds, spend more time at the gym, see more of your family, pay off some of your debt?  Do you try to do the same thing every year?  Does it work?

lady balancingFor me, looking back over previous resolutions, some have worked, most haven’t.  This year feels like I’m on track – maybe all I need to do is more of the same.  Try harder to balance everything, or figure out a way to do it smarter. What I don’t need is to spend the first month of the year feeling overwhelmed because I’m failing to achieve what I’ve set myself to do.  I think the New Year, for me, will be all about staying on top of things as much as I can, and making a series of small tweaks to make it easier to do just that.  Maybe next year I’ll try something more ambitious.

Whether you are going for some grand resolutions, or if that isn’t really your style, make sure you take the time to appreciate what you have.  Losing a few pounds won’t necessarily make you happier.  Make sure you enjoy what you have now, as much as you can.  For most of us, life is good, and we just need to realise it doesn’t need major change to enjoy it.

Happy New Year!!