It is not just a matter of issuing payslips.

Looking after your employees helps to increase productivity as well as lower your recruitment and training costs.

Making sure they are paid in an accurate and timely way goes a long way to keeping them happy.  There are few things that demoralise staff quicker than being paid the wrong amount or being paid late.

Our cost effective and efficient payroll system can help:

  • Maintaining the correct employee & pay information
  • Calculating tax and NI contributions and payments
  • Electronic payslips
  • Meeting HMRC RTI* criteria and deadlines
  • Deductions
  • Staff joining and leaving
  • P11, P11D, P45, P60s
  • Expense claims
  • Taxable benefits
  • Auto Enrolment…read more
  • Data protection
  • Contingency plans
  • Constructions Industry Scheme (CIS) …

* RTI stands for Real Time Information, which is the requirement for all employers to provide data on employee payments to HMRC every month.

You can do all this in-house, even manually (certainly not recommended in the 21st century), but why would you unless you are a large enough company to employ someone dedicated to payroll.

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