Registered Office

Every UK limited company must have a registered office address. It must be a physical location in the UK at which official documents can be served.

If you don’t have fixed business premises or work from home, a Register Office Address makes perfect sense.  Many residential mortgage lenders and landlords don’t allow their properties to be used as registered addresses.

Many business owners therefore choose to use the address of their accountant (since the accountant usually deals with Company Secretarial services, such as the completion of the Confirmation Statement).  This facility also allows some separation between work and family, not a bad thing.

Get a copy of – Your hassle-free Registered Office address

Why use us?

  1. Benefit from having our office address as your official address – having an accountant’s office address adds credibility to your company. It shows your customers and suppliers you are serious about your business and your financial management.
  2. If you trade from home you ensure your residential address is not shown on the public register.
  3. Registered offices attract junk mail. We will filter that junk for you so you only need to worry about your company’s official government mail.
  4. We forward all your business mail to you – not only your official government mail. No need for you to worry about the postage. We’ll sort that out as part of the service.
  5. We review all that dreaded correspondence from both HM Revenue and Customs and Companies House which means important documents will never be overlooked and that means you will reduce the risk of fines and penalties for failing to file those key statutory documents.

Get a copy of – Your hassle-free Registered Office address

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