Business Growth Services

Accountants are often accused of just looking at history, and how last year’s numbers added up to a tax bill and a set of accounts.

At Starfish Accounting, we know your business is about more than just the numbers. Our aim is to understand your motivation and approach so we can advise you on the best way to achieve your goals.  Why settle with reviewing difficult to understand accounts months after the end of the year.  We can provide you with ongoing access to up to date information, and tailor our recommendations to your individual needs.

We are committed to looking ahead and how you can use your past performance to anticipate and improve future performance.  We offer Business Growth strategies, tools and tactics to help you reach your business and personal financial goals, and then exceed them.


Every single one of the UK’s most successful and profitable businesses holds regular board meetings to discuss strategy.  In our experience, when smaller businesses – even one man band businesses – start holding board meetings they immediately see significant benefits in their focus and direction.  As part of our BoardView service we join you at your board meetings and provide an external perspective and accountability.

Growth Analysis

Are you ready to grow?  Most of us, when we start out, grow our businesses organically.  Are you now ready for a better way?  You may need help to identify the greatest profit opportunities for your business, or how to maximise your sale conversions.  Are you working with your best customers and keeping them?

Our Growth Analysis programme can work through all of these areas and more to explore new growth possibilities including profit improvement strategies and sales process improvements.

Personal Financial Review

Which matters more, your business or your family?  

Silly question?  99.9% of us, of course, will choose our families.

Yet we often do more to ensure the financial security and tax efficiency of our business than our personal situation – and, in the process, are risking the future security of those we love most.

With the use of a Personal Balance Sheet and Lifetime Financial Responsibility analysis, we can highlight and recommend tax and estate planning strategies to help you reach your personal and family financial goals.


How are you doing compared with others ‘like you’?  Do you want to know how you can compete with the best in class?

We have access to one of the most comprehensive benchmarking tools for businesses of all sizes and industries.  We can give you a detailed breakdown of your strengths and weakness within your sector and use this to create an improvement plan for your business.

Business Planning

I’m sure you have a business plan but is it a live document?  You may have forecast future expenses and earnings, but are you able to flex the results when things change?

Of course we can assist with the financial sections of your Business Plan, financial forecasts and what-if scenarios, but there’s more.  We can introduce you to a range of tactics to focus you on your future.

Pricing Consultations

How do you set a price to beat the market?  What are the effects of price changes in your business?  Should you discount, or charge a premium?  What is your ‘magic price’?

We have a great set of price modelling tools which allow you to see the impact of different pricing decisions on your bottom line.  What-if scenarios and forecasting tools can help you explore complex pricing decisions with more predictable results.

Remuneration Planning

Deciding on the most tax efficient way of taking money out of the business can make a significant difference to your disposable income.  Have you reviewed how much you take as salary vs dividends, or what company benefits you can offer?  We can apply our planning tools to help you make the best decisions around remuneration and getting the most from your business.  And if you are currently a sole trader considering incorporation we can use our incorporation tax planner to consider the best possible option for you as you grow.

Systems Review and Documentation

As you grow your business, your systems get stretched and need to be re-engineered or replaced.  How easy is it for you to delegate and get the same quality result as if you did the work yourself? 

We have tools and expertise available to not only analyse and improve your current systems, but offer alternative system solutions and help put in place the documentation so that all your team are on the same page.

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