Filing your tax returnHMRC are getting better at checking your tax return – they can compare it against previous returns you’ve submitted, against other tax returns, and they can even match up information from other sources (e.g. bank interest). If something is wrong on your tax return, its more likely it will get spotted than ever before. So what do you need to check before filing your tax return?

1. Have you put all of your different sources of income in? For example:

  • Employment income including taxable expenses or benefits;
  • Interest income and dividends;
  • Self employed income including cash payments;
  • Property income;
  • Taxable state benefits;
  • Overseas income – if you are resident in the UK for tax purposes then you are taxed on your worldwide income.

2. Make sure you complete all of the supplementary pages you need to for your personal circumstances.

3. Pension contributions can be confusing. Double check that you have put the correct figures in the right boxes.

4. Don’t forget about any gains – if you sell something and make a profit then you may need to declare a capital gain.

If you’re not completely happy about completing your tax return and want a friendly accountant on tap to answer those nagging questions then take a look at my Sole Trader Support Package, helping you to do it yourself.  Or if you are self employed then simpy download my tax return guide which tells you which boxes to complete!