The name Starfish came from how my twins slept when they were babies.

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Women in business (23 Posts)

Women and Parents face some unique challenges in business.

Self assessment (23 Posts)

Ensure you pay as little tax as legally possible, and that you file in time to avoid paying penalties and interest.

Accounting (18 Posts)

Advice and tips on a range of topics from how to do your own accounts to which software to use. Also includes tips on how to choose the right accountant for your business.

Bookkeeping (15 Posts)

What records to keep, how to store them, and the most efficient way of doing it.

Working from home (9 Posts)

Working from home presents some interesting challenges that I understand all to well...

VAT (5 Posts)

Things you need to know if your company is VAT registered, or is planning to become VAT registered.

Business Planning (5 Posts)

Advice on writing a business plan, with particular focus on financial forecasting.

Company Structure (5 Posts)

Advice on where to start with choosing the right company structure for your business.

PAYE (5 Posts)

Things to be aware of if your income tax is deduced from your salary with PAYE.

Corporation tax (3 Posts)

Advice for companies that are paying corporation tax.

Directors (3 Posts)

Advice that is specific to company directors.

Being an employer (1 Posts)

Includes a comprehensive guide on what to consider when becoming an employer. Also provides updates on changes to tax law.